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One question sticks out in the whole Malian situation. How come some rebels (in Libya) are of the good guys, while other rebels (in Mali) are of the bad guys? Gaddafi was also fighting Al Qaeda, among other groups. And Libya, after the West-supported victory of the rebels hasn't become either more modern, or more democratic, or more peaceful - just on the contrary. It's looking very similar to Somalia. The parallels between the two neighboring countries are inescapable. So really - why these rebels are bad while those are good?
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Kenyan mother names twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

A young Kenyan mother has named her newborn twin sons after the U.S. president-elect and his defeated Republican challenger.

Millicent Owuor, 20, gave birth to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on Wednesday at the Siaya District Hospital in southwest Kenya, according to the Standard.
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Exhausted, topless, and brushing his smelly sweat off with a towel, before putting on a green t-shirt in his hotel room. That's the humiliating picture of the yesterday-arrested former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo, which marked the end of his 11 year long reign in the country. The footage may not be as shocking as that of Saddam Hussein while he was being dragged out of his den, with clotted, unshaven beard and a mug gaping for a tooth exam. But it's still nearly as spectacular and symbolic.

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When Gaddafi's protectors in the West become convinced that he's a hopeless bet they'll turn against him on their own, without needing to be persuaded about it. Thus they'll get rid of the dependencies that he has ensnared them into in such a skillful way. No creditor - no debt...

Too bad but many people will be dead in the process.

The worse scenario: Libya could become the next Iraq. Britain and the US nourished Gaddafi far too long, now they have the indirect power to destroy him indirectly. Later this year the US troops are expected to leave Iraq - they have to go somewhere. Guess where? No, it's not Somalia or Sudan (although there's some oil in the latter).

In Egypt things went kinda more peacefully (or at least that's how it looked). But in Libya, I see little hope for a good solution. The big fish demand and will get the full control on the main resource of the country. In a way oil is like a curse to anyone who possesses it. I can't think of a non-Western oil-rich country which hasn't been plagued with violence and unrest and suffocated with lots of blood.

Let's face it. Despite all the crap you hear from world leaders on your TV, no one actually wants or expects truly democratic governments in the region because these are too unstable and unreliable. Neither does anyone want a well educated and prosperous populace in the region because that would mean it would demand a better control of its own resources at some point. That's not something "WE" desire.

Something curious: the Internet proved to be the ultimate weapon. What thousands of troops, fighter jets and tons of bombs couldn't achieve elsewhere, now the Internet achieved within a few weeks across a palette of countries that looked among the toughest to change. The "social network", IMO, is the most ingenious invention that ever sprang from the labs in Langley. What appears like total freedom of information could easily be swayed skillfully by those who really know how to use it - and thus instead you have total control of information (and disinformation), and total rule over hearts and minds. And mind you, the people it mostly affects are the people who'll be setting tomorrow's agenda in these societies. And all that - done anonymously.

Joke aside, I bet Zuckerberg didn't expect even in his wildest dreams where this would lead.

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Chances are high that a new African country will be born tomorrow.

Southern Sudan will vote on independence on Sunday. Very likely they will achieve it; the North can't forge the votes because they don't control the South and in any case the South's government would forge the vote in favor of themselves.

So, some facts about Sudan (some you might've been aware of, others, maybe not).

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Brazil, others squeeze China in scramble for Africa

China is leading the pack in the 21st century 'scramble for Africa' but anybody who thinks Beijing has the continent sewn up need only glance at the passport of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

By the time he first visited the European Union in 2007, four years after coming to office, Lula had racked up six trips to Africa, covering 16 countries.

Then, in July, he was guest of honour at an African Union summit in Libya, a reminder to Beijing ahead of its second Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Egypt on November 8-9 that it is not alone in courting the continent and its raw materials.

Reflecting Lula's push, Brazil's annual trade with Africa has jumped from $3.1 billion in 2000 to $26.3 billion last year, a rate of growth outpaced only by China, which has seen two-way commerce soar tenfold this decade to $107 billion.

China has now eclipsed the United States as the continent's biggest trading partner.

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MeAfrica as a continent, with an estimated population of 680 million people receives 4.5 billion $ from the US, while Israel, with a population of 6 million, receives about 3 billion. Go figure.

We like them more.

If only it was reciprocal. -- And what's there for you? Diamonds? Oil? Gold? -- Oh wait... It's that BIBLE stuff, isn't it? It's all about Jesus. (I think I just go enlightened).


On a side note, tell me if this is good for an icon?

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El Hadj N'Diaye (from Senegal) has been an activist singer-songwriter since he first became involved in music. He has been a voice for the poor for years, and his stance on things economic in Africa is clear: The World Bank and the IMF have many developing countries in a stranglehold of debt. It keeps economies crippled, and the people unable to fend for themselves. In this impassioned video, El Hadj N'Diaye implores the powers that be to relieve his country from its debt, so that people can work toward a better future for themselves.

Interview with El Hadj N'Diaye

I know you earlier spoke about this Kol, and though you received some laughters, now I acknowledge that you were precisely right.

See also:

El Hadj N'Diaye, "Boor Yi"

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The great South African musician and human rights activist Miriam Makeba has passed away. "Mama Afrika" was 76 years old, and died of a heart attack after a performance in Italy. Link to New York Times Obituary. Above: In 1960, a very young Miriam Makeba performs the song "Into Yam", in the movie "Come Back, Africa."


I shared you with everyone I could, all my years in spiritual exile, and when I came home, I continued doing so and I will keep on doing so.

I loved your music and your spirit.

May you find the peace in death that eluded you in life, may you be reunited with your daughter, may your voice fill the skies.

I will cry for you and sing for you today.
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Tito warns of African ‘laughing stock’

Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni said yesterday that African leaders risked reducing themselves to “a laughing stock” if they pressed ahead with plans for an African central bank (ACB) and a common currency for the continent — against the advice of technocrats. He warned that the idea was bound to flounder like other failed grand African plans.
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Keep one question in mind: what good would've it done to the world if Idi Amin had saved a drowning African child??

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