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Japanese bosses forced female employee to wear bunny ears

A 61-year-old Japanese woman was forced to wear bunny ears as a penalty for missing her sales targets, with photos of her humiliation used in company training programs, reports said.

The woman, who was not named, was employed by cosmetics maker Kanebo in southwestern Oita.

She sued the company claiming mental distress after her bosses instructed her to don costumes if she did not meet her targets, including over-sized rabbit ears on one occasion, several papers reported.
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Sun Myung Moon Dies

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Korean evangelist, businessman and self-proclaimed messiah who built a religious movement notable for its mass weddings, fresh-faced proselytizers and links to vast commercial interests, died on Monday in South Korea. He was 92.
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Of course, you can't feel much effect from a tsunami while at open sea. Except maybe for your balls going in your throat as the ship slides back down after the wave has passed.

But... special attention to one of the comments under the vid:

I think that 12/21/12 is the day Japan and America disappear. Because 9/11 was a tragedy. 3/11 was a tragedy. So 3/11/11 + 9/10/01 = 12/21/12 (will be a tragedy because both tragedies were set in America and Japan). As for the sick 290 people who liked this, I hope they get caught in a tsunami.

"Truly" fascinating. :-0
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For the victims of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan...
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To embarrass the weather Gods into providing rain, villagers in an Indian town have put all their unmarried daughters to work, plowing the dry land while naked.

Original idea - Don't know if it will work, but I am buying a plane ticket to India so I can watch - For the purpose of scientific observation, of course. :-)

Article is here.
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...The markets perk up.

Chinese Premier concerned about assets in US

The Chinese Premier admitted this morning that his goal of 8 per cent growth for the world’s third-largest economy would be tough to meet this year, but he had more weapons in his armoury if need be to ensure Beijing reaches that target.
Speaking at his annual news conference after the end of the session of the National People’s Congress, China’s ceremonial parliament, Wen Jiabao reminded the United States of its responsibilities in easing the global financial crisis – and of its indebtedness to his country, which now owns the bulk of US Treasuries.
"I would like … to once again request America to maintain its trustworthiness, keep its promise and guarantee the safety of Chinese assets," he said. ...


Hong Kong stocks surge 4.37% on Chinese premier's remarks, Wall Street rally

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Karzai says US, NATO created 'parallel' government

President Hamid Karzai criticized the U.S. and other foreign countries for creating a "parallel government" in the countryside during a blunt overview of Afghanistan's problems before a U.N. Security Council delegation.

Karzai called Tuesday for the international community to set a timeline to end the war in Afghanistan and asked why — given the number of countries involved and the amount of money spent — the Taliban remains so powerful.

-- I think he knows very well the answer to his own rhetoric questions.

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"China's official Xinhua New Agency published commentary Sunday accusing Pelosi of ignoring the violence caused by the Tibetan rioters.

"'Human rights police' like Pelosi are habitually bad tempered and ungenerous when it comes to China, refusing to check their facts and find out the truth of the case," it said.

"Her views are like so many other politicians and western media. Beneath the double standards lies their intention to serve the interest groups behind them, who want to contain or smear China," it said." (AP)

Tell me which part of the above is not correct? Then why is it not so broadly reflected in the media like what the Dalai Lama says? No, don't answer to me.
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Tibetans randomly beat and killed Chinese solely on the basis of their ethnicity: a young motorcyclist bludgeoned in the head with paving stones and probably killed; a teenage boy in school uniform being dragged by a mob. When authorities did regroup, paramilitary troops fired live ammunition into the crowds. Witnesses did not see protesters armed with anything other than stones, bottles of gasoline or a few traditional Tibetan knives. (link)

Um, excuse me... Which is first - the egg or the chicken?
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China is accusing rioters in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa of killing at least 10 people in violent protests Friday.  The demonstrations against Chinese rule in Tibet were the worst there in nearly two decades.  VOA's Stephanie Ho reports from Beijing.

There is no question there was violence.  The issue is what exactly happened?

"The Tibetans are a very peaceful people" (Richard Gere) - Yyyup. No kidding.

Oh, and it initially looked like a very well orchestrated (and well-timed) riot (from outside). But the way it degraded into burnt cars and shops and stabbed people gave all excuses to the Chinese authorities to justify its quick suppression of the event. Tibet's "freedom" and independence doesn't look likely to happen any time soon.

Question is, how far will the "international community" go in this boycott of the Olympics, and how much would each country want to spoil their relations with China. As for the US, the answer is clear: it'll all remain just in words. The trade with China is too important to be scrapped just like that. But it never hurts to beat yourself in the chest a little bit, claiming to be defending "human rights" around the world (while actually violating them on a global scale).

By the way, did you know that the Tibetan society was one of the most backward conservative theocratic patriarchal societies of the 20th century, before it was overrun by the "damn atheistic Chinese commies"? Who knows what an utopian feudal country could've emerged there when/if it became a separate country - had it not had the bad luck of being right under the nose of a mighty country like China. A Tibet on the Balkans would've been a completely different story...
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