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I know what some of you will say. You reap what you sow. If that's the logic you'd like to adhere to, so much worse for you, whoever you are. I don't want to adhere to this sort of mindset. If "eye for the eye" was the universal way of doing things, my own country would've never seen the end of apartheid. But it did. So there IS another way.

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Bill Clinton was welcomed as a hero and savior by thousands of exultant Kosovo Albanians who celebrated the 10 years since he ordered the bombardment of Serbia and stopped the Serbian atrocities in Kosovo. The ceremony in Pristina was for the unveiling of a new statue of the former president. The statue shows Clinton waving a hand, while holding a folder in the other, with the date of the resolution for the attack on Serbia.

That comes as no surprise, as he's widely regarded as the savior of the Kosovo Albanians, and the US is very respected there.

The Serbs of course think this is a blatant provocation and they say it's not the right thing to do at a time when everyone's hoping for improvement in the fragile relations between Kosovo and Serbia. (Some, this time not Serbians but international observers, say that the bigger concern right now is whether Kosovo would become the next avant-post and money-laundering haven of the Albanian drug mafia, or it'll somehow manage to build its own legitimate institutions - but time will tell).

Nevertheless, the celebrations continued, and the crowd chanted "USA!" while Clinton was giving his thank-you speech at the square where the statue will stand from now on.

Reminds me of the last time a statue of a savior was raised by Albanians, but that one was in Tirana. The statue showed Lenin waving a hand.

I hope this time history won't repeat itself, but something tells me, chances are that it probably will.

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Rep. Melissa Bean arrived in Bosnia on an official visit, armed with a new plan for dragging the country out of the present political crisis (after the previous one had failed). According to the plan, 1 in 3 citizens of the former Yugoslav republic is supposed to become a minister - either a state, or a regional one. Here I'm exaggerating a little of course. But do read on...

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It's curious how quickly people tend to forget and ignore important events and situations that don't concern them directly, as soon as the focus shifts elsewhere in the media headlines. 'Every wonder lasts for three days', a nice Balkan proverb says. Well let me remind you. Today is the first anniversary of the Kosovo independence. On February 17, 2008, the Kosovo parliament voted in favor of the declaration of independence which was proclaimed by the PM Hashim Thaci. Up till now, 54 countries have recognized Kosovo's independence, including the US, Japan and 22 of the EU members. Now Kosovo has a new Constitution and its own government.

But the good news ends here.

Now here's the bad news.
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Welcome to the world, proclaimed or unproclaimed, recognized or not, to America's 51st state! It's (semi-?)official now.

I mean, just look at their (proposed) flag.

In a uniting Europe, countries still get split, where the foreign interests of the Big Forces require it. Now, can we expect an independent Kurdistan, Euskara, Qu├ębec, Ulster, Wales, Scotland, etc? I'm especially amused regarding the latter three. After all, UK was one of the first to hurry and recognize the new country, contrary to all established international rules, which the freedom-loving countries so eagerly stand for. If we follow the same logic, there should be a new country in south-eastern Turkey soon - but you bet there won't be. Because it contradicts "our interests around the world" (whatever that means). Yes, politics is an ugly thing. And double standard has ceased annoying me a long time ago. Now it only amuses me.

Now, as far as Kosovo's future is concerned... the flag says it all.
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