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Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro

Lord Rothschild has taken a near-£130m bet against the euro as fears continue to grow that the single currency will break up.

The member of the banking dynasty has taken the position through RIT Capital Partners, the £1.9bn investment trust of which he is executive chairman.

The fact that the former investment banker, a senior member of the Rothschild family, has taken such a view will be seen as a further negative for the currency.
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PART 1 .Banks submit false data to manipulate the Libor interest rate, either for the good of the entire economy and all of mankind, or possibly to just benefit themselves.

PART 2. Banking titans Rich Ricci and Bob Diamond are implicated in the Libor financial scandal, but an eighth-generation Hoare remains innocent of the rampant rate rigging.
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