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Q: Can a single person, who is nothing special on the finance market, is a junior employee and has access to a limited part of a low-profile branch of his company's activity, bring down a whole corporation with a few phone calls and clicks of the mouse?

A: Obviously yes, according to one of the most sophisticated French companies with a global scope of investing. The world is a funny place, isn't it? Or rather, a dirtier place than you thought.

One thing is for sure. The increasingly hungry-for-info sensation junkies have their new hero. Hallelujah.
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OK. Let's start from afar.

May 2007. The final debate before the French presidential elections. Ségolène Royal loses her temper, while Bonaparte, sorry, Sarkozy remains calm. He finally comments that if she's to become president, the Republic is in trouble, since she cannot hold her emotions and would put the country at risk.

Now, October 2007. New president Nicolas Sarkozy is giving an interview for US broadcaster CBS. When the journalist brings up the question about the president's divorce with Cecilia, he suddenly loses his temper, knocks his microphone away and says that if he were to comment his family matters, it wouldn't be here. And demonstratively leaves the studio and the shocked journalist, who can do nothing more but explain to the US viewers how "Mr Sarkozy loves America".

I know it's not very appropriate to put personal questions in an interview with a politician, but on the other hand he's a public person and moreover, the president of France. Besides, his divorce with Cecilia has been long in the spotlight recently, so it's normal to at least mention it because people are curious and want to know what's going on. Also, Mr Sarkozy did not seem to have any objections to sending his wife as a diplomatic envoy to Libya (instead of sending his Exterior Minister, who remained on the phone line in Paris, waiting for news from Tripoli!)  But he does mind being asked about his relationship with her!? Hello? You're making her your political assistant, but you don't want any questions asked about her? Huh?

I don't know what the French people were thinking when they were choosing him (same question to the US electorate, btw). Maybe they like his economic and social program. Maybe they like his stance on international affairs (like his love for America and hate for Turkey). Maybe his Napoleonic lust for power, or his imperialist inclinations (reviving the French empire under the name Mediterranean alliance? hello?) Maybe they're fed up with right-centrists and just want a change (ultra-neo-con please, if possible). Or they just like his big brown eyes and his big brown nose and his fake smile? I dunno. In terms of personality, they'll yet have to discover the darker side of Sarko and this is only the beginning. My intuition tells me that he's one little totalitarian bastard who's thirsty for glory. One thing is for sure. There are still many more curious circus tricks to be expected from him - a thing he's got in common with his bro, Mr Bush! LOL
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Yesterday Sarkozy drew France's perspectives for the future, presenting his plans for the country's foreign policies in front of all French ambassadors around the world.

The most obvious point is te noticeable warming of France's relations with the US. This is no surprise, knowing who Sarkozy is. Also, he wants the establishment of a Council of 12 "Elders" (wise men) like a geopolitical think-tank, which will determine France's foreign strategies in the long-term. This is no surprise either.

One thing makes a good impression. He was very sincere in everything he said about US, Russia, Turkey and Iran. His speech is a must-read, really.

Even if he has as many critics as fans (or maybe more), Sarko's role for the French and European politics promises to bring some change. Actually it already started to do so. For the better or for the worse, only time will tell.
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