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Hitler's Medical Files Tell of Flatulence, Cocaine Use

Adolf Hitler was a blowhard in more ways than one. He frequently used cocaine, ingested some 28 drugs at a time, and suffered from "uncontrollable flatulence," according to his medical records.

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Venturing into the Darkness of Europe

During the Middle Ages, hardly any Arabs traveled to Europe – the region simply had nothing to offer. Those who did travel north, however, complained about the “raw” and “animal-like” behavior of the “Francs” – and about their lack of culture. By Mona Naggar

“They lack a warm sense of humor; their bodies are large, their character is coarse, their customs rude, their minds dull and their tongues heavy. Their skin color is of such an extreme white that they appear blue. Their skin is thin and their flesh rough. Their eyes, too, are blue and similar to their skin color; their hair is smooth and reddish due to the damp fog. Their religious beliefs are unreliable, which can be traced to the type of coldness and lack of warmth. The further north they reside, the dumber, more vile and primitive they are.”

Thus describes Arab historian and geographer Al-Masudi the inhabitants of Europe – more precisely, the Slavs, Francs and their neighbors. Al-Masudi lived during the 10th century. His comments reflect the geographic ideas of his time.
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Ben Turok is a former anti-apartheid activist and current South African member of parliament and a member of the African National Congress.

He was born in Latvia in 1927 and came with his family to South Africa in 1934. He graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1950. Returning to South Africa in 1953, he joined the South African Congress of Democrats and in 1955 became its secretary for the Cape western region, acting as a full-time organiser for the Congress of the People. He was arrested in the Treason Trial in 1956 and stood trial until charges against him were withdrawn in 1958.

His wife, the former Mary Butcher, was also prominent member of the COD and later served a six months' sentence for aiding the illegal ANC. In 1962 he was convicted under the Explosives Act and sentenced to three years in prison.

Before the unbanning of the ANC and the dismantling of apartheid, Turok lived in Barnet in North London and was a member of the British Labour Party.

He is now on the faculty of London's Open University, for which he wrote a lengthy study in 1975: "Inequality as State Policy: The South African Case." His writings also include "South Africa: The Search for a Strategy," in The Socialist Register 1973 and a booklet, Strategic Problems in South Africa's Liberation Struggle: A Critical Analysis (1974).

He is currently director of the Institute for African alternatives.

He is the father of Neil Turok, one of the world's leading cosmologists.


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I don't want to argue about the reasons for the two A-bombs right now. Let's just remember the lessons of history and never repeat them again. And let's hope that a nuke-free world will happen, eventually.

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