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"Hopefully he will end up like Bin Laden, as food for the less particular fishes, or at the end of a long drop on a short rope, like Saddam..."

Or maybe he should be given the mic first, to tell the story about who those rebels are, who is behind them, what are they really fighting for, and how he suddenly became public enemy #1 just a few days after he was Our Best Buddy(tm) in the Maghreb.

Maybe he could tell the story about the trade with the West - oil in return for weapons and diplomatic legitimacy; or about the oil drilling contracts he had signed with various international oil companies (sorry, no US contractors though; bad, bad Gaddafi let's bomb him); and about the commission he was paying those companies, and the substantially large share that he was using to boost his people's living standard (how dare he); and how he then decided that he could pay those drillers even a smaller share, since a certain oil company set the precedent by agreeing on working for less. And how this triggered a chain of events that eventually led to his demise. And that same company is now cynically riding the rebels, wow. Business is such a beautiful game!

...Or we could just hand him over to the Freedom Fighters(tm), who'll quickly hang him in an obscure basement in the middle of the night, burn his body, and bury his story before he has told it. After all, he had enough chance to make his case, no? And besides, who would believe a blood-thirsty dictator? He looks so evil, doesn't he? I mean just look at him:

How could you not hate him?

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Basically, this morning a 35-years-old Lybian, living legally in Milan, carried out single-handedly an attack against the Army barracks in piazzale Perrucchetti, in the western suburbs.

That is: he tried to. He tried to carry through the gates a homemade bomb (2 kg of ammonium nitrate), was blocked by a soldier (as that entrance is only for military personnel), and hit the detonator. This resulted in the soldier getting a minor wound, and the would-be terrorist getting third-degree burns, major damage to both eyes, some bone fractures, and splinters all over the body. He's currently hospitalized and being watched by the Carabinieri.

On hearing about this, Osama was heard saying: WTF, N00B!?
In his turn, the disgruntled Gaddafi interrupted a 3.5-hour speech, saying: FUCKIN LAMER OMGZ! :-D

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Their freedom costs $ 460 million. Well done, Qaddafi...


Jul. 12th, 2007 01:21 pm
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Libya upholds death sentences in HIV case

Bulgarian medics Nasia Nenova (r), Snezana Dimitrova (c) and Palestinian doctor Ashraf Hajjuj, behind bars during their retrial in Libya.

Libya court confirms death penalty for foreign medics

A Libyan court has confirmed a death sentence against six foreign medics convicted of infecting children with AIDS, Agence France-Presse said.

The nurses and doctor were not in court for the verdict, which was announced the day after a compensation deal was reportedly sealed with the children's families. - Typically Libyan style! They're quite smart about timing, right?
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