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...sounds a little better, does it? No? That's what I thought too.

Gypsy camp evicted in Spain

Three hundred Romanian citizens, Roma ethnics, were evicted from a tent camp near the city of La Herrera (Albacete, Spain) in a Civil Guard intervention, daily El Mundo reads, quoted by the Realitatea TV station. according to the newspapers, the police demanded their documents, then forced them to leave the area.

The Spanish papers informs that tens of tents remained near the Tajo-Segura aqueduct, where the Roma camp was, while other immigrants still remained in the area saying that they have nowhere to go.

The camp was largely publicized in Spain during the past few weeks, after the local authorities discovered that the immigrants used the aqueduct water to wash themselves and their clothes, the water then arriving in the village homes.
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The Gypsies have aa unique status according to the Italian constitution. They are deprived of any human rights - they are not regarded rightful members of the Italian society, they do not have the right to vote, to have permanent residence, Italian passports, and jobs. They are regarded as nomads.

The recent tragic events have fired up the long-lasting debate on this very sensitive issue, and now EU is pushing Italy to reconsider its attitude towards the Gypsy minority - the first step being, to recognize it as such.

The strange thing is, there aren't big anti-Gypsy sentiments in the Italian society, even after its fascist past. Just, the Italians prefer to pretend that this minority doesn't exist.
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