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,...they'll take your liberties away. Congrats. You voted for them.

In Senate, a White House Victory on Eavesdropping

A White House plan to broaden the National Security Agency’s wiretapping powers won a key procedural victory in the Senate on Thursday, as backers defeated a more restrictive plan by Senate Democrats that would have imposed more court oversight on government spying.

The vote moves the Bush administration a step closer toward the twin goals it has pursued for months: strengthening the N.S.A.’s ability to eavesdrop without court approval, while securing legal immunity for the phone companies that have helped the agency in its wiretapping operations.

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UK's Brown calls for greater surveillance role for IMF

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for the IMF to be given a surveillance role as part of a financial 'early warning system' to prevent economic crises.

Brown made a speech in New Delhi as part of the final leg of his trip to China and India.

In the speech, Brown said the World Bank needs to be reformed alongside the IMF to make it properly equipped 'for a world where problems can quickly become global'. (read)

<-- sooo true!

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