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Are you guys sure Australia is not actually the tip of an asteroid that once fell into the ocean from another planet?

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Australia outlines military plans - The Australian government says it is to spend more than $72bn (£48bn) upgrading its military over the next two decades.
Australia to buy US jets, build up navy, air force - Australia plans to buy 100 state-of-the-art U.S. jet fighters and double the size of its modest submarine fleet in a bid to keep pace with an Asian military buildup.

But the bottom-line is:
Australia's defense fund expansion expected to boost economy - The White Paper that Australia launched earlier Saturday for expanding defense fund is also expected to stimulate the country's economy, according to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Saturday. The Australian government plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars expanding military capability to defend itself against any threat in a changing Asia-Pacific region.

Perhaps it is the most worn-out cliché there is, but most indications, plus common logic, show that the military industrial complex (Zod) wants just one thing: the industry to keep going and the billions to keep floating. It stimulates the economy, you know. And makes new jobs. For that, this industry has to be made permanently necessary. And to develop ever newer products. For that to happen, the old products should constantly be made either obsolete or be wasted in a war. Hence - wars happen every now and then. And new 'threats' are invented, to justify those wars.

Not that China will ever invade Australia with submarines. But that's not the point, is it. It has never been.

I know. When someone hears this, they instantly giggle: "Put your tinfoil hat on, dude!" It's like an automatic response. OK, so I'm putting it.

I know. It's funny. It really is.

Funny, how easily people are taught to laugh. Isn't it?

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