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"What we’ve seen instead over the past three weeks is an awesome display of raw ignorance on every front. Worse, there’s no hint that either the White House or its allies in Congress see this as a problem. They appear to believe that expertise, or even basic familiarity with a subject, is for wimps; ignorance is strength."
-- Paul Krugman
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Everything Trump Is Doing, Establishment Democrats Set in Motion

In 2006 Obama, Clinton, Biden, Schumer and 20 other Democrats voted in favor of a physical barrier to be built along the US-Mexico border.
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The day has come. From now on, America is going to be made great again. So do tell, how do you feel about that?

Inauguration cartoons galore! )
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mahnmut: (We're doooomed.)
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If Hillary is prosecuted and convicted immediately, like, right now, Obama could then pardon her and she'll be untouchable by the time Trump is sworn in. Check-mate!

Perhaps Canada could start building a wall to prevent all those unwashed Yankees from swarming in?

The change of the guard in the White House has set up a precedent where for the first time an unemployed black man will have to vacate his spot in a government building, so a white billionaire could occupy it.

Britain: Brexit is the stupidest, most self-destructive act a country could undertake.
USA: Hold my beer.
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Why Is the Foreign Policy Establishment Spoiling for More War? Look at Their Donors.
War is first and foremost a profitable racket.
By Dennis Kucinich

Washington, DC, may be the only place in the world where people openly flaunt their pseudo-intellectuality by banding together, declaring themselves “think tanks,” and raising money from external interests, including foreign governments, to compile reports that advance policies inimical to the real-life concerns of the American people.
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Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Life

"Donald Trump’s life ... looks superficially successful and profoundly miserable. None of us would want to live in the howling wilderness of his own solitude, no matter how thick the gilding.

On Nov. 9, the day after Trump loses, there won’t be solidarity and howls of outrage. Everyone will just walk away."

On Shillary

Sep. 6th, 2016 11:18 pm
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I'm sooo bookmarking all these "she's not a war-monger" apologetic comments right here somewhere handy, so I could then hurl them right back at the more head-in-sand-inclined part of the audience in, say, 1 to 2 years. The told-you-so schtick is strong with this one, admittedly; though it's likely going to be a bitter-sweet one, granted.
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Houston mom Christy Sheats was fond of sharing pro-gun memes on Facebook. Then she turned her gun on her own girls. And the GOP will say there’s nothing we can do.

...It’s the kind of thing that would lead to emergency hearings in Congress—if the GOP were not a corrupt, decaying edifice, only interested in political contributions and appeasing its most hardcore base.
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Gawd. Can this guy NOT be a huge ignorant prick at least once, for a change!?
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Why should the GOP push for an electable candidacy at any cost? Isn't it better for them to have their cleansing experience through a totally imploded Trump candidacy, have some navel-gazing afterwards, and start anew? Why the obsession to win elections here and now, regardless of the longer-term consequences?

Don't those guys have actual think-tanks to do the thinking for them, for the sake of avoiding tanking?
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One thing is for sure. If Trump becomes prez, he'll make America great again. Not only that, he'll make America greater than it ever was! It'll be great and beautiful, and nobody else will ever have such a great and beautiful America.

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I really liked some of these. Got others you can recommend?

A few samples...

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Well, as one might expect, The Jeb! is saying Trump is a product of Obama. Nice way to take a shot at both your current opponent and the most convenient punching bag, namely the incumbent.

But is he really? )
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