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I want to congratulate Spain for winning the World Cup! They're the worthy world champions, no question about that. My boys did their best, they played beyond their abilities even, and for a time it looked like they could win this one. It wasn't meant to be. Oh well. Next time I hope. The disappointment is enormous, but facts are facts. Nevertheless, the final match, although it wasn't exactly representative of the beauty of this game, was a huge event for me and I enjoyed every single minute of it! Largely thanks to the amazing public and most of all my good friends who are a really cheerful bunch. Hats down, lads!

Now life is slowly returning to normal here, but I can sense it - the way the world will be seeing South Africa from now on won't be the same again. And I mean it in a deeply positive way.

On a side note, LOL @ the entire PF board being in total denial about their own shortcomings, and that, after having asked for feedback about the reasons their comm has been practically dead for eons. Rofl. Mao.

Weird day for me tomorrow, I expect. I'm joining a group of municipality guys who are gonna meet with some 'delegation', including the Canadian consul. They wanted to visit a township in Joburg, and Alex has been selected (that's my working area). I think they're planning to deliver some speech there or something, and I'm supposed to be one of the Zulu-English interpreters if need be. The shitty thing is, I was only given a rough sketch of what they're going to discuss without getting the details in advance and I'm basically in the dark. I now have crazy butterflies in my stomach...
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"Football is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating the lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom" - Danny Blanchflower.

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Needless to say, now that bafana bafana and Ghana are out, all of South Africa is behind Holland.
Cape Town is a sea of orange!
I'll never forget last night.
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I was supposed to stay offline for the whole duration of the World Cup (take it as an experiment if I could live without Internet for a month - that failed). But I just had to say this:


Yesterday I was in Port Elizabeth and Holland beat Brazil. It was absolutely brilliant ... luck! HAHA!

And yeah. I'm going to the final. I have a ticket. Want my ticket? Only through my dead body! hahaha :-)))

Oh, and poor Ghana... This was the closest point Africa had ever come to sending a team on the semis. The whole country was with Ghana (well, and Holland too of course). There were even calls like "Today, we're all Ghanians"... Ghanaians, Ghanish, Ghanese... oh whatever - People of Ghana :-)

They were robbed by a very unfair hand play in the very last minute of the extra time. But I don't blame Suarez. If I were him, I'd definitely have done the same thing. I'd have probably grabbed the ball with both hands, put it under my t-shirt and gone home with it. And it turned out his decision was right eventually, because Ghana missed that penalty and eventually lost in the shoot-out. Oh well. I guess my dear Holland will have one more tough challenge before the final...

Back to my offline mode now!
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South Africa wraps itself in national colours as World Cup nears

Kitted-out street vendors hawk national flags for the participating teams in every imaginable size.

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This comes as a nice example to the previous post. Did you hear what the explanation of the SA guvmint was for snubbing the Dalai Lama's visit? They "did not want to distract the attention from the preparations to the World Cup in 2010". WTF!? How stupid is that? Stupid beyond reason. They must think people are idiots with attention deficit, and they cannot handle more than one event per year?

What, is the Dalai Lama some kind of saboteur of major sporting events around the world?

However this could have a serious backlash because some voices are already considering to start advocating a boycott of the World Cup.

Selling their souls to the Chinese financial cronyism may become even a bigger reason for boycott than the rampant crime across SA, which has been stated by many as reason No.1 to not attend the World Cup. With their own stones on their heads. It's a pity we'll all have to suffer from this.
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Work resumes at Green Point Stadium
Work resumed on Cape Town's 2010 Soccer World Cup stadium in Green Point on Thursday after a week-long strike.

"Work resumed this morning. It's been a normal working day and we are very pleased," deputy project director Ray Gamble told the South African Press Association...
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