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Thank you for your hilarious service, Stephen...
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Well, that sure was enjoyable. Perhaps there's a future career in the making here?

Watch President Obama kick Stephen Colbert out of his chair and take over his show

President Obama staged a hostile takeover of the Colbert Report last night. Obama strode on stage and ordered Colbert out of his chair, explaining that "you’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job. I’m going to go ahead and take a shot at yours." Colbert, still in character, stammered that he was "just about to do The Word, sir!" to which the President responded that he would handle it instead. "How hard could it be?"
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The Daily Show's new South Africa correspondent schools America over race, poverty

On Thursday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart introduced a new contributor from South Africa, Trevor Noah. Then Stewart and the rest of us went to class. "I never thought I'd be more afraid of police in America than South Africa," Noah started out. "It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home." Stewart protested, but that was just the beginning. Noah joked about his friends in South Africa warning him about getting Ebola in America, then proceeded to poke fun at Americans' ignorance of Africa.

"To a lot of Americans, Africa is just one giant village full of AIDS, huts, and starving children, who you can save for 5 cents a day," Noah said. To show the other side, he challenged Stewart to a game called "Spot the Africa" — "This doesn't involve me identifying anything on a map, right?" Stewart asked. "No, no, I wouldn't do that to you," Noah mocked. The real schooling started next, with Noah roping in Nicholas Kristof to explain how in many ways, current-day black Americas are worse off than blacks in Apartheid South Africa. Watch, learn, and hopefully laugh below.

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Ricky Gervais too funny for Hollywood

Returning Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais did indeed let it be known that he wasn't going to hold back in skewering Hollywood's most famous celebrities. And, in what will undoubtedly be his last hosting gig for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (and, who knows, maybe any Stateside awards) he didn't disappoint.
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Yo Alexandria Mills, I'm really happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Emzoza of Botswana is 10 times hotter than you.

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Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino has defeated 112 contestants to win the prestigious Miss World 2009 title. The pageant took place at the Gallagher CC (the Pan-African Parliament HQ) in Midrand, Gauteng, SA.
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Man. Jason Jones has got some balls. It's nearly sad, that this is a comedy show. Because of the worth of the real insight that you get. But they did well anyway. The Daily Show has to get into the history books. It's way too great, to just be a TV show that once existed, in the future.

Btw did anyone notice that North Korea's soccer team qualified for the 2010 world Cup in South Africa because Iran failed to beat the South Korean team? Was this planned by the "Axis of Evil"? :-)))

But the fly segment was the funniest thing I have seen in ages. And that is saying a lot, since I watch Stewart & Colbert religiously. Also American flies are actually slower, at least compared to Mexican flies, this might be a result of their Baconnaise diet. Anyone from the US care to comment on this? :-)

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Like [ profile] ddstory said, LOL. No, I mean ROFLMAO.

And also, haha:

And wow...

But don't forget the cherry of the cake:


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Terminator 3 saves Jesus.

My fave lines:

'Pontius Pilate at 10 o'clock!'

'He'll be back!'


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Everyone seems to be getting maniacal about Twitter.

Here's a more humoristic approach to the matter ;-)

Claire McCaskill's twittering -- Claire McCaskill lies about Twittering during Barack Obama's congressional speech.
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Kseniya Sukhinova wins Miss World 2008
Kseniya Sukhinova

Russian contestant Kseniya Sukhinova has won the Miss World 2008 competition at a ceremony in South Africa.

Trindad and Tobago's Gabrielle Walcott was second runner-up and India's Parvathay Omanakuttan was first runner-up, from among 109 contestants.
Millions of people were expected to watch the annual pageant, being held in Johannesburg.
It was the sixth time that South Africa has held the event, more than any other country except England.
South Africa organisers were said to be keen to calm concerns about the country's ability to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
For this first time in the competition's history, viewers in 180 countries had the opportunity to vote for one of the semi-finalists through the internet.
An international jury decided the winner.
Miss Sukhinova is from Siberia, studying for an engineering degree.
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Wow, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert made a HUGE joint show on election night, and they completely blew my mind away!!!

Watch it here, full: VIDEO

What would we do without you, guys???

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Warner Bros. Picks Up Hyperion Cantos

Producer Graham King has set up Dan Simmons' award-winning science fiction book series "Hyperion Cantos" at Warner Bros., with Trevor Sands on board to adapt the first two books as one feature, says Variety.

The first book, "Hyperion," won the Hugo Award for best novel in 1990, while the second, "The Fall of Hyperion," was nominated for a Nebula Award for best novel.

"Hyperion" deals with a space war, with most of the action taking place on a planet named Hyperion, known not only for its electricity-spewing trees but also for the Time Tombs, large artifacts that can move through time. The tombs are guarded by a monster called the Shrike, which impales people on metal trees.
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