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He sure may look plump. But look, he knows so much about war!

And they love him so much, they wanna swim alongside his boat into the sea!

Or maybe they should?
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Hair-dos and hair-don'ts: North Korea issues menu of 28 approved haircuts

North Korea’s leader has told his people that these 28 hairstyles are the only ones they are allowed to choose from:

The only haircuts allowed )
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Quite a lot of changes are expected to happen in 2011 in some of the major countries in the *cough* Axis-of-Evil *cough* Soshulist camp. Well, I'll actually start with a not-so-commie but still quite soshulist state, Brazil. On January 1st, Dilma Rousseff took the golden-green ribbon from her mentor Lula da Silva and she became the next head of state of Brazil. Not a major change of course for one of the fastest developing countries in the world at present (we're talking emerging economies, right?) (Strange, a soshulist country "emerges", how come? Isn't soshulism supposed to destroy countries? But I digress.) But forget Brazil for now. I'd rather focus on some other interesting countries, one with a market that has already "emerged" quite a bit, and two others which are still far from it.

North Korea is bracing for the reign of Kim III, while China awaits for its current vice-president to make just one more step higher up the hierarchy. And meanwhile in Cuba, Fidel Castro has finally resigned (for real!), giving all ruling functions as a leader of the communist party to his brother Raul. And while in Dilma's case she'll be eager to follow the steps of her extremely successful predecessor (she promised she'll be knocking at his door pretty often in the future), the situation with the other "heir-apparents" which are to be appointed rather than elected, still remains unclear.

Some fascinating stuff about three not-so-different EVIL countries )

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