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Here's a sign the world may be getting sick of social media apps

It looks like the world may be experiencing serious app fatigue. People aren’t spending as much time on Facebook (FB), Instagram (FB), Snapchat and Twitter (TWTR) apps, according to new data analysis from Tel Aviv-based digital marketing firm SimilarWeb.

The study aggregated data from hundreds of millions of Android devices across nine countries — Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US — and compared app data from the first quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of this year.
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Contentious science topics on Wikipedia subject to editing mischief

Politically charged issues such as global warming are prime targets for online sabotage.

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Go to Google Maps, find yourself an area with lots of roads, and click the big Pacman icon on the bottom left. There you go!

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internet explorer:

A simple Windows XP tool which allows the user to browse to and download Firefox, a web browser.

As soon as I installed XP I opened Internet Explorer and grabbed the latest version of Firefox.
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HBO Still Doesn’t Get It: Game of Thrones Again the Most Torrented Show

Three seasons in and Game of Thrones still continues to set records — both legitimate and otherwise. After hitting ratings milestones earlier this year, it now has yet another accomplishment to boast about: the most pirated show of 2013.
For the last decade evidence has mounted that, while some measure of media piracy is inevitable, it thrives on inconvenience: given the means, viewers will generally pay for a legitimate source, but only if they can get to it more easily than an illegal one. That’s the backbone of services like iTunes and Netflix: making those transactions easy and, critically, fast.
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Privacy on Facebook is essentially a fable at this point. The new additions and change in settings do make the users feel that the control over who can see it. But in reality everything and anything you put on Facebook, regardless of the settings, is not away from the public eye. It can even happen if you’re related to the creator of Facebook .

Zukerberg’s sister’s picture leaked on Twitter


Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:07 pm
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LOL. This site kicks ass! :-D

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Most hilarious comment under vid:

"Go to 1:59 – 2:50 if you want to see someone’s brain´╗┐ legitimately shut off and play dead."

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Facebook to pay $10 million to settle suit

Facebook Inc has agreed to pay $10 million t o charity to settle a lawsuit that accused the site of violating users' rights to control the use of their own names, photographs and likenesses, according to court documents made public over the weekend.

The lawsuit, brought by five Facebook members, alleged the social networking site violated California law by publicizing users' "likes" of certain advertisers on its "Sponsored Stories" feature without paying them or giving them a way to opt out, the documents said.
Facebook shares closed at $30.01 on Friday, down 21 percent since the company's initial public offering last month.
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The more the Internet advances into social life, the more blurred the issues of privacy and security are becoming. As the time passeds we're going into an uncharted territory: which is "valid" and by which standards? A Moroccan guy was detained by state services because posing as a member of the royal family is a crime in Morocco (duh). What if a Saudi woman poses for a pic while driving a car? That's practically a crime in Saudi Arabia. A lady holding hands with a man who isn't her husband is a crime in a number of countries across the Middle East. Public nudity is a crime even in some "Western" countries. Should internet footage serve as evidence in such cases? To what extent should employers, family, law enforcement authorities, etc, be able to dig into people's personal stuff online and use it against said person? All slippery-slope questions that need addressing ASAP in the next years.

The riots in UK were coordinated via FB, Twitter, etc. The Arab revolutions, too. Extremists download bomb-making manuals on the interwebz. Breivik was spreading his maniacal ideology on the webz for months before he committed the massacre in Norway. Perhaps he could've been stopped in time, but should've he been detained for posting things on his webpage? Should there be regulations on hate speech, and when should those kick in? Should there be specific investigative and law-enforcement authorities to monitor internet activity? Where's the line between freedom of expression and security that shouldn't be crossed? I don't know, and I doubt anyone knows the answers to those questions. But the more time passes without them being addressed, the bigger the problem will be getting.

On the other hand, a general rule of thumb though is that the internet is NOT a private or secret area, and you shouldn't put something online if there's someone who you would not want to see it.
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Some feel it's a fake while others not so much. According to the video below the hacktivist group Anonymous is targeting one of the big boys on the internet, Facebook, and they have set a date of November 5, 2011 for this to happen.

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The full text of the message is also written below the video.

And some thoughts...
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Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Oh, you're so sweet...
DSK sez: "Meh........"

From the blogosphere:

"I feel sory for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, there is nothing worse than getting accused of attempted rape. It means you failed."

"I just heard that Silvio Berlusconi has been asked to head the IMF and restore its integrity at this difficult time."

"Dominique Strauss-Kahn should look on the bright side. It's probably not the last time he'll be picking up the free soap before being involved in a sexual assault."

""IMF head in US custody" Sure, America has reached its debt limit but isn't this rather drastic?"
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State Blamed in LiveJournal Attack

LiveJournal Russia, the country's main platform for uncensored political discussion, recovered Tuesday from its biggest-ever hacker attack — which bloggers said could not have been staged without state resources.

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Of course, you can't feel much effect from a tsunami while at open sea. Except maybe for your balls going in your throat as the ship slides back down after the wave has passed.

But... special attention to one of the comments under the vid:

I think that 12/21/12 is the day Japan and America disappear. Because 9/11 was a tragedy. 3/11 was a tragedy. So 3/11/11 + 9/10/01 = 12/21/12 (will be a tragedy because both tragedies were set in America and Japan). As for the sick 290 people who liked this, I hope they get caught in a tsunami.

"Truly" fascinating. :-0
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Well, color me surprised. Someone is being deluded again - as always. But the point is, ever notice the difference between this comment and this one / this one / this one / this one and even this? We say yeah yeah ok fine, it's all birds and roses, but then we go as usual, don't we? Just can't resist, can we?

Internet is srs bzns. But only a few excel at it. The rest of us are just amateurs.
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An anti global warming community named global warming: first WTF moment.

A community where the owner is the only one who can post: second WTF moment.

Internet is srs bzns...
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